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Building products is a long journey. We're with you all the way.

For any creator, seeing people love your creation is an extremely fulfilling experience. And like most fulfilling experiences, it usually comes at the end of a long, rigorous journey. We believe that digital products are no different - building them right is hard - taking years of work by teams of professionals. A multi-year journey  full of ups and downs, moments of frustration, hope, disappointment, discovery and finally, if things go well, joy. If you're a creator planning to embark on such a journey, we're a team of designers, researchers and artists that can join you.

Our Services

With you at every step

Mediyum Design Studio is your partner throughout every phase of your journey. Whether you're entering with a mere concept, embarking from square one, freshly armed with a research and features inventory, or seeking to elevate and reimagine your product, we stand ready to provide unwavering assistance at every juncture.

Foundational User Research

Before designing a product, it's crucial to understand the users' needs, wants, and behaviors. Through foundational user research, we conduct qualitative and quantitative research to gain insights into the users' motivations and expectations, which helps define the needs that a product would have to fulfil if we want them to use it.

Defining Product Requirements

Product requirements define what features and functionalities the product should have to meet users' needs and business goals. We work closely with you to define the product requirements based on user research as well as workshops that help stakeholders articulate their knowledge in a way that helps define product requirements.

UX and UI Design

Our UX and UI design services focus on creating engaging and intuitive digital experiences that delight users. We synthesize the findings from research into personas, and design user flows to ensure that the final product is user-centered and meets business goals.

Visual Identity and Branding

A strong visual identity and branding are important for creating a lasting impression on users. Our design team creates visual branding elements such as logos, color palettes, and typography to convey the brand's personality and create a consistent visual identity across all touchpoints.

Development (through partners)

We work with trusted development partners to bring our designs to life. Our team ensures that the development process is aligned with the UX and UI design, and the final product is tested to ensure it meets the business goals and user needs.

User Testing

User testing helps to validate design decisions and identify areas for improvement. We conduct user testing throughout the design process to ensure that the final product is user-friendly and meets business goals. Through user testing, we gather feedback from users and iterate on the design to create the best possible product.

Measurement and growth hacking

Our measurement and growth hacking services focus on analyzing user behavior, identifying opportunities for optimization, and tinkering with the interface to improve the product's performance.

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The values we work by


Design iteratively

We believe successful digital products require multiple iterations since there is no guaranteed formula for a perfect launch. Even simple iterations, like wireframes, can help.


Deliver fast

We believe that markets create windows of opportunity that need to be utilized before they expire. A team that can design something good at a good speed.


Care about the problem

While the design industry is filled with 'tools to build empathy', We believe that the best designs come from those who actually care about the problem being solved.


Collaboration is real work

Designing experiences requires specific forms of collaboration that are too important to be left to chance. We treat them with as much importance as the actual design work.


Don't reinvent the wheel

If only this was as easy as it sounds. It isn't. We work hard to make sure we use the learnings from earlier projects and the industry to avoid the avoidable mistakes.


Evidence eats expertise for breakfast

While we have the fancy d-school degrees, we're humble enough to know the real test of a design - when users starts using it. We observe, measure, learn and rework.

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Our Clients

"I have to appreciate how quickly we are given the design and how well the brief is understood. Your team worked diligently to deliver as per timelines"

— Sonya Mohalia, CEO

"Thank you for embodying our core value of innovation and inspiring us all to strive for exceptional results. We are truly lucky to have you on our team."

Pranav Khanna, Product Manager, Cambridge University Press and Assessment

"Mediym team always go over and beyond to meet the timeline and deliver quality output."

— Tamil, Product Manager, Archimedis

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