Bren : A real estate company

How we helped a premium real estate company create a seamless digital experience to support their customers

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Bren, a top corporation specializing in high-end residential properties in Bangalore, has embarked on a digital transformation journey led by an innovative technology leader.
Inspired by the seamless digital experience of the MyFerrari app, the CEO of Bren envisioned a similar app called Bren Homes to provide convenience to their apartment buyers.


Bren approached us to design a digital platform to support their apartment buyers. Mediyum understood the requirements with regard to the scenarios in which all the user tasks are carried out.

Business problems
  • The main challenge was to achieve transparency and build trust among the customers.
  • Minimize customer queries and communication overload.
User problems
  • Customers frequently face challenges in monitoring the progress of their building construction.
  • Often find themselves compelled to visit the sales office to submit or access project documents.
  • Tracking payments proves challenging for the customer.
Challenges we faced
  • The challenge we encountered was adapting our methods to ensure smooth communication and cooperation from both ends, considering Bren's non-tech background and limited experience in software design and development.


We proactively adapted our approach to facilitate effective communication and seamless collaboration.


The discovery stage was the first step in the Project Lifecycle. It involves market research, defining project goals and scope, and understanding the target audience. The team collaborated with stakeholders to gather input and set success criteria, laying a solid foundation for the project's success.

In the discovery phase, we recognized specific goals that required careful consideration.

Business Goal
  • Reduce customer anxiety by providing info on their purchased Apartment.
  • Promote the upcoming Bren project.
  • Promote upselling of other Bren apartments.
User Goals
  • An app that provides real-time updates on their invested project.
  • Get prior notification on the next due payment.
  • An easy way to monitor the payments made and avoid missing any deadlines.
  • Quick access to essential project documents and floor plans directly through the app.


In this stage, user journeys, concerns, and expectations were mapped out. Each feature within the user journey was thoroughly analyzed and discussed with stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive understanding of user behaviour and the intended paths within the BrenHomes App. This process involved gaining insight into the users' emotional responses at every stage of their app navigation.

  • With the Component diagram, we organized UI elements to achieve the app's end goal. The challenge was to create sleek and simplistic designs while incorporating all the essential components.
  • After finalizing the components, we proceeded to wireframe, serving as the design blueprint. Collaborating closely and iterative review ensured the inclusion of essentials. Wireframes became a foundation for user-focused prototypes and stakeholder ideation.
  • The prototyping phase brought the app to life, giving the team a tangible experience of its functionality and usability. Bren team's feedback was invaluable, enhancing designs for an improved user experience.

  • We conducted a detailed analysis of relevant information, including market trends, case studies, and similar apps, to gather insights and identify best practices for our project.

Drawing inspiration from popular app like Swiggy, we incorporated a property tracking feature to provide users with updates on their purchased property.

  • While working on visual design, we conducted simultaneous user testing for valuable insights into app features. Feedback led to flow improvements. One user expressed concern about granting access to family members.

Considering the feedback, our team devised a user-friendly solution enabling easy addition, editing, or removal of family members' access to view property updates.


Bren already had a brand guideline which they shared with us hence our team had the task of creating a design system which was easily achieved with feedback from the stakeholders.

Through iterative collaboration and effective communication, we successfully created a visually appealing and relatable app.

Visual design


  • View and download all the property documents through the Bren app.
  • Real time construction progress updates in a step-by-step manner.
  • Easy view and download the account statement for each payment made to Bren, simplifying the process of tracking payment details.
  • Payment notifications assist in avoiding missed payment dates.

Dedicated team

Researcher : 2        UX Designer :  2          Visual Designer : 1

Time of completion
The product was successfully designed in over 25 days.