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Design Project

In this arrangement, Mediyum gets on requirement gathering calls with stakeholders to understand the scope of work and goals that need to be achieved. We then work out a plan for this and present it to stakeholders as a proposal. 
As per the proposal
Weekly review of the work by Lead Designer
Suitable for:
Companies that are just starting out and need designers on the job.
Companies that want to test our ability and build a relationship.

Dedicated Designer

In this arrangement, a designer spends 100% of their work hours on weekdays working on your projects. Their meeting schedule can be aligned with your needs. 
8h per day from Monday to Friday at IST working hours.
Meetings with stakeholders at a frequency of your choice.
One internal quality review per month with their lead designer at Mediyum to check the quality of work. 
Suitable for:
Companies with product teams that already know how to get work done from a UX designer. 

Extended Design Team

In this arrangement, Mediyum takes responsibility for the design of your product. This means that we shall conduct research, design screens, conduct studies post-launch, and iterate. Based on the stage of work, different resources will be allocated such as researchers, UX designers, UI designers, and illustrators.
A team made up of a mix of Senior, mid-level, and junior designers.
Artists as and when needed for custom visual assets like icons and illustrations.
Once in two weeks meeting with stakeholders and our founder.
Suitable for:
Companies that have teams in tech and marketing but do not have a design team.
Companies that need proactive support to ensure the design success of their product.
Companies working on a problem that is likely to need multiple product pivots

Design Hotline

In this arrangement, a WhatsApp/slack group is created with one or two designers and the stakeholders. The stakeholders share tasks in the group and the designer takes them up at a time based on the designer's schedule.
1h per day by a Junior Designer.
Suitable for:
Marketing teams that need assets to be created on a regular basis such as social media posts, landing pages, etc.
Product teams are in a specific phase where the product manager designs wireframes and needs the support of a designer to create visually neat and consistent screens.
Ops teams that need design assets to be created at a short notice e.g. certificates, badges, emailers.

Basic plan

Our most popular plan for small teams.
$96per year
Everything in our free plan plus....
Access to basic features
Attend events
Basic reporting + analytics
Automatic updates
Up to 10 individual users
Backup your account
20GB individual data
Audit log and notes
Basic chat support
Feature requests
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Business plan

Advanced features and reporting.
$192per year
Everything in our basic plan plus....
200+ integrations
Advanced custom fields
Advanced reporting
Audit log and data history
Up to 20 individual users
Backup your account
40GB individual data
Personalised service
Priority chat support
+ many more...
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